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Universal Monarch Charitable Trust ( UMCT ) is a Non-Profit charitable organization registered in India found in the year 2008 by Subramanian Azhaguvel.

  • To provide humanitarian need to the poor and needy in form of free food, medicines, and clothes.
  • To run educational institutions and to provide all necessary facilities for the education of the poor irrespective of caste, community or religion.
  • To afford medical relief to the sick and the suffering without any restriction as to religion, caste, community.
  • 'The Great Mission of all'
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    Donating Clothes

     As you can see from the photos on this site, the children and even adults whom we are feeding are also in great need of clothes. Most of them come wearing only a pair of old shorts. It would be a great service if you could organize a collection of old clothes from your friends or relatives, and send them directly to our address:

    Corporate Office:

    The Managing Trustee
    Office No -8, Radharani Complex, Near Soham Ashram
    Sant Colony, Vrindavan - 281 121
    Uttar Pradesh
    Office:0565 -2540203

     The cheapest way to send them would be to book them by train (within India), or by surface post from outside of India. Please include your email address when sending any donation. We do not recommend sending used clothes by air mail, as the cost of the postage is usually more than it would cost for us to purchase new clothes here. A new set of clothes for a child will cost us around $2.00 USD to purchase in India, so if the postage is very high, you may consider just donating the postage money for us to buy new clothes for the children.

    Donating Toys

     We are especially in need of toys to distribute to the children. If you have any old toys that you can send to us we would greatly appreciate it. The children will be so happy to play with whatever you can send. It is common for the poor children to make balls to play with out of rolled up plastic bags tied together with a string. You can't imagine how happy they would be to receive any type of toy, even if it is partially damaged or broken.

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